Importing Car animation from Blender but has wheel glitches

Hi again, I wanted to report a bug I encountered. I created a truck animation in Blender 3.1 Alpha, and imported the usd file into Machinima. But what I had noticed is the wheels, they go loopy while the truck is animated. I used a plugin in blender called ‘Rigacar’ to give the animation a better look including the wheels while it moves. It looks fine in Blender But it’s playing up in Machinima.
Here is two videos of the truck, one is Blender the other is Omniverse so you can see what I am talking about.
Notice the wheels, that’s the issue.

Ok, just an update. I ditched using the Rigacar plugin and just animated the truck manually and that worked fine.
It seems there’s a problem for Machinima to translate the animation done with rigacar.
I don’t know if there’s a fix for this or not, so I wanted to write about this.

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Hi, I wanted to know, is there going to be a fix for Machinima for importing rigs from blender (specifically Rigacar?)

Ok, you’re not going to believe this. It did work fine all this time! When you play back the animation on the viewport, the wheels and other objects on the vehicle will glitch, BUT if you render the vehicle animation, it will comes up perfectly! So, it’s just a glitch with the viewport animation, NOT the actual animation when rendered. So, the car rig (rigacar) does work on Machinima.

Now I feel happy :))

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