Importing existing models

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I am looking to import an existing model to DL designer tool to analyze and optimize inference . How do I import using the GUI?

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Thank you for your interests! We are currently working an experimental feature that would allow developers to import PyTorch models directly into DL Designer. This will be included in our next release.

What DL frameworks do your models use?

Thank you for reply.

Is there a beta version available to import pytorch model?

My model is in onnx , are you also planning to add support for other frameworks as well ?

Do you mind sending your email address so that we can share with you a beta build as soon as it is available?

We do consider to support other frameworks like TensorFlow, but we are still trying to gauge interests from developers.

Do you support or plan to support import from TAO?

We do not have a plan to support import models from TAO as TAO itself already allows deploying models into multiple application domains.