Importing .mi Files into Omniverse for Rendering

When running create in Iray mode, do we have the capability to open .mi files?

If not, does a connector or utility already exist to convert .mi files to .usd files?

Hi LMTraina99, it is unfortunately not possible to load .mi files in create and currently there is no tool to convert .mi to usd. Your only option is to go back to the original source of the .mi, like Max or Maya, and export to omniverse from there.


My coworker says we get the .mi files from Iray and he was hoping to import them.

Iray was typically the endpoint of our pipeline [rendering completed projects], but that has changed and the material information already included in the .mi files would save considerable effort for applications in Omniverse should we be able to export them directly to usd (we would not need to write software to again convert textures to .mdl files).

We made an Omniverse connector for an earlier step in our pipeline but it lacks .mdl functionality.

We’re also on an older version of Iray so my knowledge is lacking here - does the current Iray support exporting to omniverse? If not directly is there an indirect conversion method?

Thank you!

No, sorry, Iray doesn’t support exporting to Omniverse. You could load the scene in IView and export to .obj and then use some tool to convert .obj to .usd, but that would also loose mdl shaders, and no idea what the quality of the obj to usd converters out there is.

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@ LMTraina99
Could you give me some more details about your company and the app you are building (Personal Message).

Understood! We’ll just have to come up with our own conversion solution.

Thank you!

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