Importing new items in to "omniverse://localhost/Isaac/Props/' folder

How can I add more stuff into the "omniverse://localhost/Isaac/Props/’ folder so I can use it.

Also how can I save a item “say a worker” from one environment to be used in another environment?

You can add new items to your user folder /Users or /Library or /Projects.
I would recommend not modifying /Isaac and instead copying things you want to change.

This way, in the future as we update assets in /Isaac as part of future releases you won’t accidentally have things reset/deleted

The only things I am able to find to add to my environment are in the props folder.
I know there are workers and all kind of objects because I can see them in other environments.
Is there a some documentation that shows where to find them or how to save them so they can be inserted into other enviroments

There is additional content shared with other omniverse applications in the /NVIDIA mount