Importing PyTorch code into Omniverse

Is there any means of importing PyTorch code into Omniverse Create? or other apps?

Hi @GC3. This will take a bit to run, but it should work:

import omni.kit.pipapi

Thanks! I will try it.

Sorry, where can I run this command line?

You could run that in the script editor.

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Thanks a lot!

Hi mati,
I run it in the in an extension, but it takes 20 seconds. Then I lose the hot reload, that is one of the coolest and usefull features that currently have in Omniverse coding.
Any other solutions?

While omni.kit.pipapi.install(“torch”) is working, I am trying to import networkx (“import networkx as nx”).
I guess if I download the repo and import it, it should also work, right?

VG. Javi

Hi Javi. You should only only take the 20 seconds hit the first time when it downloads. After that it’ll already be downloaded and available.

If you restart Code, are you still missing the hot reload? I wonder if there’s maybe another error in your code that’s causing that.

Yes, your extension will need to provide any python packages that don’t ship with Kit.

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