Importing step files

Hello, I’m trying to import a step file from a remote Nucleus server using the “Step Importer”, but it doesn’t let me choose anything other than built-in step files even though the Nucleus server is connected (I’m able to import .usd files from that same Nucleus server).


Is there a way to specify the path for the Step Importer, or is there another solution?

Thanks in advance!


The current Step importer only supports local paths. Try downloading the step file to your computer, and mapping the folder where you downloaded your file in your Omniverse container.

For a containerized run you can map a local folder by appending -v /path/from/local:/path/to/mapped to the docker image call.

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Mapping the local folder to the Omniverse container worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

I’m glad it worked!

We are working on allowing importing directly from Nucleus servers for future releases :)

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