Importing VC++ 2008 / DirectX projects


Visual C++ 2017 doesn’t import properly the samples provided with the NVIDIA Direct3D 11 SDK (for Visual Studio 2008. My attempts to circumvect such issue were unsucessful. The main problem I found is related to the shader compiler.
For instance, the OceanCS sample error is X3501 ‘main’: entrypoint not found. It was supposed that the CompileShaderFromFile function, found in the ocean_simulator.cpp file was enough to start the HLSL compiler, but it seems to search for a start point (main, as default). I’ve tried to configure others shadertypes and models, with no result.

Must such migration to VC++ 2017 made by hand?
Are there any tool or technique to migrate from DX9/DX10 + Visual C++ 2008 to DX11 + VC++ 2017?
BTW, backing to VS2008 sounds bad idea.

Thanks in advance for any help.
(Sorry for so basic question…)

Jose Parrot


No reply… but I found the answer and would like to share it elsewhere.
The right answer is a long explanation. It is not a simple task, as stated at Microsoft’s

Well, I’ll try to follow the instructions to migrate some codes. For the cited OceanCS sample, I will remain in the VC++ 2008 environment.

Jose Parrot