Importing with animation

Followed this tutorial, but cant get the options to import my scene from 3ds max including animations.

All i can, is save static.
How do you export your 3ds max scene to Omniverse create including animations?

Hi @McNulty! I am double checking with the 3DsMax Connector team about this post. In the meantime, you might find this helpful: 3ds Max — Omniverse Connect documentation

Hello @McNulty. Currently, exporting animations from the 3dsMax Connector to Create is still under development. What you can do is export from 3DsMax using the 3DsMax export settings then import that into Create. Create currently supports key animations and 3dsMax bones.

If you would like to know when animation support will be available for the 3DsMax connector, you can keep an eye on our Omniverse Public Roadmap which will inform you of the features that are being worked on for the next release.