Impossible to log after a reboot

I used a Jetson nano 2 Gb for a project, and I used it for a while now. I just reboot it and now i struggle to log:

It is booting and when it come for the session manager (I guess) I log with my user and passwrd, then it is showing black screen with Nvidia logo then session manager appears again with authentication required… It is the good passwd but still, not logging …

Could you help me on this??

Can you get to text mode? For example, CTRL-ALT-F3. You could also use serial console (which is the best choice). See:

ssh would be another possible way in.

It is possible that you have memory issue. If there is not enough space, booting problems can be occurred. I suggest you to connect the device ssh (or via serial) and delete unused packages or files to get some space.

Well, I made a new image with a new SD card (I still got the old one) I guess it’s memory problem because I tryed to do this : Jetson Nano - Use More Memory! - JetsonHacks

I gues I should have not because I have the same problem now :(
CTRL-ALT-F3 work so I will try to fix it

Thank you :)