Improve reporting SDKM log

I noticed there is a pinned thread told users should send their ~/.nvsdkm by PM:
Read this topic for SDK Manager Issues:

I don’t believe people will follow this tip. Because you must read above thread firstly, and it’s weird to report issues in public but attach log by PM.

To confirm my guess. I searched forum by nvsdkm and open top 10 of them just now, and found 8/10 sent in public.

Obviously sdkm log are helpfull to trace issue. And most of user don’t follow tips in above thread actually. So it’s hard to ask people do some additinal actions if the harm isn’t obvious.

So if something in ~/.nvsdkm shouldn’t be shared in public, then SDK Manager is the one should be changed, not the users.


I posted that statement so that I could personally make sure the user issue was going to be resolved. I am not sure what the problem is here.

The point is why need to send SDKM log by Private Message? Is there any security issue if share in public like most of people doing now?

If you send the log to me as a private message, I am more likely to respond quickly. I get over 500+ forum post notifications daily, making it harder to respond in a timely manner when a user just posts the info. There are no security issues that I am aware of if shared publically.

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