Improving the licencing of optix_advanced_samples


the optix_advanced_samples repository is clearly missing a single licence file with (ideally) a permissive licence. Right now, licencing details are at the top of some files, but some of them restrict redistribution (e.g., src/CMake/testmain.c, which is actually quite ridiculous considering the content of the file, or src/CMake/CompilerInfo.cmake and more…). Having licence information in the files separately means that when someone actually wants to build a new project on top of the repository, it is necessary to check every single file one by one.

I realize that some of the files are copy pasted from the OptiX SDK which has a BSD licence, but it is still very confusing to see some files with restrictive licences in them.

Would it be possible to explicitly allow modifications and redistributions of all files in the repository?

Thank you!