Improving Video Quality and Performance with AV1 and NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture

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NVIDIA NVENC AV1 offers substantial compression efficiency with respect to H.264 and HEVC at better performance.

Would it be possible to add AV1 information to NVML?

Just wondering if its possible to add support for 4:4:4 unless this is a hardware limitation?

AV1 4:4:4 encoding is not supported at present. We may consider it in future hardware generations.

We are investigating adding AV1 information in the next update of NVML.

That would be great. I don’t have a 40 series card myself but I’m sure as they gain adoption people will be looking for that information.

A suggestion regarding the API design: it would be great if all of the encoders/decoders information could be aligned behind a well-documented single function as much as possible so that application developers who don’t have the hardware are more confident that AV1 information reporting works. It would also be nice if existing NVML functions could be better documented on how they respond to different video encoders/decoders being used.

Looks like work was done to fix NVML’s broken nvmlDeviceGetEncoderSessions function but nvmlEncoderType_t still only lists H264 and HEVC encoder types. Is AV1 support still being worked on?

I see that it has been added. Thanks.