imsl problem

Hi again, I now get the error

Error 3 unresolved external symbol _NUMERICAL_LIBRARIES PLASMONS.obj

when I have a USE NUMERICAL_LIBRARIES on my code. How can I fix it?

Hi Antonios,

How did you use IMSL? Did you use it at command prompt or put it in Microsoft Visual Studio Project?


Hi Hongyon , I use it through visual studio shell 2008.

I assume you use DOS command prompt as I don’t see shell in my Visual Studio 2008.

You need to cd to the directory where your IMSL is installed. Normally it is installed in C:\Program Files\VNI

This is where it installed on my machine:
32-bit: C:\Program Files\VNI\imsl\fnl600\winpg715i32\bin
64-bit: C:\Program Files\VNI\imsl\fnl600\winpg715x64\bin

Then execute either
winpg715i32.bat or
depending on which version you want. IMSL has a good document how to try example in notes directory.

If you have PGI Workstation installed, you can run IMSL in bash shell.
Start PGI Workstation as follow(for 32-bit 10.6):-

Click Start-> PGI Workstation 10.6 -> PGI Workstation (32-bit)
Then cd to where IMSL is installed and

That should set IMSL environment for you. IMSL has some good example in examples directory.


Hi, thank you for the response. No I don’t use command prompt. I use ms visual studio shell 2008 (google it). PGI has integrated visual fortran into this free IDE. The environment is the same as ms visual studio 2008 that you use. Can you please tell me how you integrated imsl in visual studio 2008? I hav problems doing it. Is there any way to globalize this integration for any new project that I open or I have to do it for each project every time?

Unfortunately you will need to do this every time you create a new project. There is a very detail info how to use with Visual Studio in Part 4 of Readme_windows.txt in the notes directory where IMSL is installed.


Hi there. This is totally disappointing. I tried to make a template but I could not specify the project that I wanted to export in the export dialogue window. Do I do something wrong?