IMU Plugin - requesting and parsing sensor configuration information

Hardware Platform: DriveWorks AGX Xavier
Software Version: Drive Software 2.2
Host Machine Version: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
SDK Manager Version:

Note: I am running everything I mentioned below in Linux 18.4 Host machine.

Is user of my plugin or SAL going to need IMU configuration information from the sensor? There is no other way to communicate with the HW IMU than to use plugin. Plugin only communicates dwIMUFrame to above layer. That means user of the SAL cares only about reading IMU data and don’t care about reading configuration information from underlying IMU. That means Plugin don’t have to request or parse Get Configuration packets. Can you please confirm that my understanding is accurate? Just want to make sure I am not missing anything.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @rborad,

What are the packets? Aren’t they available from calling dwSensor_readRawData()?


Following packets: Packet rate, Packet type, Orientation, Version, ECU ID, Filter Cutoff frequencies etc. Its all housekeeping information of the Sensor. These information has to be requested from the IMU by user. In this case, IMU user is Plugin, the plugin can request these information from the IMU, it can also parse it but who is going to use it? It can’t go to SAL layer, there is no funnel to send data to SAL except dwIMUdata from IMU plugin. Plugin user just provides configuration parameters and don’t care about what existing configuration is. Maybe Get Configuration information is not useful in this case?

Hope it makes sense.


Sorry that I’m not an expert on IMU. I’m not really understand your concerns. Is this necessary in real cases? Do applications or imu plugins need to know these information at runtime?

I don’t think this information is required at runtime. That answers it. Thanks for helping out.