In AGX orin PA.01 (gpio-349) not able to export

In AGX Orin port PA.01 (gpio-349) not able to export. Throwing
“write error: Device or resource busy” error.

-------sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio------
gpio-349 (PA.01 |fixed-regulators:reg) out hi

------Excel sheet Configuration as below.-----
A59 GPIO05 DAP6_DOUT GP203_DAP6_DOUT GPIO3_PA.01 Output Drive 1
-----------error log below--------------------
nvidia@nvidia-desktop:~$ sudo echo 349 > /sys/class/gpio/export
echo: write error: Device or resource busy

Please can you guide what could be reason ?

One observation this GPIO is high during boot , once complete voltage level become 0.

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hello vardhaman,

this failure usually caused by the pin has occupied.
please review the pinmux spreadsheets for the default configurations, thanks

Hi @JerryChang , I have Configured as below. ( pinmux excel sheet not able to add so entire row copied below)
Behavior is same. How to make simple GPIO ?

A59 GPIO05 DAP6_DOUT GP203_DAP6_DOUT B O I2S6 RSVD1 RSVD2 RSVD3 RSVD1 dap6_dout_pa1 vddio_g5 DAP6 G5 ST BDPGLP_MFCR90_VXVDP1P1P1 50k pd GPIO3_PA.01 Output Int PU N/A Disable PCIe 12V Powe Enable GPIO: PCIE_12V_EN_N

Hi @JerryChang
If i connect X8 PCI , This GPIO is high even after boot complete.
My requirement is without X8 PCI , it should be high . This GPIO3_PA.01 GPIO , i have used for other GPIO purpose.
Any input on this ?


Resource busy means this pin is occupied by other driver. In this case, it is occupied by regulator framework.

→ p3737_vdd_12v_pcie


If you are sure your board design won’t use these pcie, then please remove it.

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