In-car deployment: recommend carrier board, power supply, display?

I realize these are subjective questions, and the answer may be “it depends” … I’m just looking for some starting points:

I’m building a driver’s assistance proof-of-concept (lane recognition, traffic signs, cars & pedestrians, etc). When I actually deploy it in-car, any recommendations on:

  • carrier board (will probably just sit on the center console initially)
  • good low-power display (doesn’t need to be Tesla-sized or touch-screen … ~6")
  • power … beginner question here … if my cars’ 12v socket is rated at 10A, can I run the TX2 in low-power mode? What are folks doing for in-car power?

Partial answer: Pick your carrier board based on camera compatibility. You can run from 12V, but I’d still suggest power conditioning against spikes and power surges. Display is best with anything HDMI (some smaller displays are a pain because they adapt to HDMI socket but don’t provide EDID…they leave programming up to the end user).

See here for a list of off-the-shelf carrier boards that may fit your needs:

bump on this - did you ever find a screen that worked?

There are tons of HDMI compatible screens for not much money available, in sizes 4", 5", 7", 10" and up.
Many of them come out of the “remote/FPV video” used for flying quadcopters.

If you want touch, then options are slimmer, although has some (mainly intended for Raspberry Pi – make sure you get one that’s generic HDMI for the display and generic USB for the touch.)
Also, on Amazon, this one looks alright:
(Actually, I think I’ll get that one and try it out; I may report back!)