In Isaac sim image dataset generation how can I configure the image size (height and width)

I am able to generate the images from custom fbx using below command

./ --datadir=$DATA_DIR --samples=$TRAINING_SAMPLES --tests=$TRAINING_TESTS
But the images which are generating are in different size than what I expected.

I want to know how can I configure that setting inside the ./

Hi @sk.ahmed401

It will help if you can share your script. However, I can explain how you can configure image size in the offline data generator script:

To configure the image size, update the width and height parameters in the RENDER_CONFIG as you can see in python_samples/syntheticdata/offline_generation/

# Default rendering parameters
    "renderer": "RayTracedLighting",
    "samples_per_pixel_per_frame": 12,
    "headless": True,
    "experience": f'{os.environ["EXP_PATH"]}/omni.isaac.sim.python.kit',
    "width": 1024,
    "height": 800,
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