In Jetson tx2,can USB3.0 interface be extended?

Urgent!Hi,everyone,I have one urgent problem.It’s known that Jetson tx2 has one USB3.0 interface,and now I want to extend the USB3.0 interface to several USB3.0 interfaces because I want to link several USB3.0 cameras for some applications.And now the question is that whether the USB3.0 interface in Jetson tx2 can be extended to several USB3.0 interfaces.I’m afraid that if I extend the USB3.0 interface to several USB3.0 interfaces,only one port can be recognised by Jetson tx2 and other ports can not be recognised.And if Jetson tx2 can recognise all of these extended ports,can each of these ports shares equall bandwidth(i.e. if USB3.0 interface has a bandwidth of 4GT/s,and the USB3.0 interface is extended by 4 ports,so can each port shares bandwidth of 1GT/s)?

For your case, you have to design your own carrier board. The default developer board only has one physical USB3 port. TX2 can support up to three physical USB3 ports. Please check oem design guide.

Hi,DaneLLL.You mean that if I use a HUB of three ports,all of the three ports can work normally?

No. You probably hit bandwidth limitation. A better way is to design your HW board.

Hi,DaneLLL.I’m a newbie,so could you tell in more details.What does ‘hit bandwidth limitation’ means? If I use a HUB of three ports in TX2,does each port share the equall bandwidth or something else?

Yes, the bandwidth is shared to three ports.

OK,thank you very much,DaneLLL!

DaneLLL,by the way,do you know the little Jetson tx2,which has a smaller carrier board and it has two USB3.0 interfaces?