In NvBufSurfaceColorFormat, what does the _ER ending some format have mean?

I am currently working with DeepstreamSDK 6.1 and writing some simple test programs. The NvBufSurfaceFormat enum defined in nvbufsurface.h has entries like NVBUF_COLOR_FORMAT_NV12_709 and NVBUF_COLOR_FORMAT_NV12_709_ER but its not clear what the _ER ending signifies. The text just says it “Specifies BT.709 colorspace - Y/CbCr ER 4:2:0 multi-planar.” but I can find no mention of an ER variant for colorspaces except in NVidia’s products.

It corresponds to gamma pre-corrected signals. You can simply understand whether there is gamma correction with or without ER.

According to ChatGPT the ER stands for “Extended Resolution” meaning 10-bit samples instead of 8-bit. This seems more likely.

No, it’s “Entended Range” here for lumma algorithm.

Thanks for the correction. Where can I find documentation on the storage layout of these extended range luma formats?