In Orin RGMII 1G and 10G ethernet getting same MAC

Hi Team, We have added RGMII 1G and 10G . both are showing in list but MAC is coming same to for both. Please can you suggest any solution for allocating different MAC ?


What Orin device are you referring to? Please let me know so that I can move this to the correct forum.


@TomNVIDIA Module is Jetson AGX Orin
one port uses 10GBASE-T Single-Port Ethernet PHY Transceiver
other one is RGMII ETHERNET PHY KSZ9031

Thanks, I will move this to the Jetson AGX Orin forum.

please check if the PHY driver could accept to read the MAC addr from the device tree.

If it can, then you need to add that specific node to device tree.

Orin module will not provide two MAC address? Orin devkit reference schematic has two interface so asked.

Please refer to the eeprom content introduction on the developer guide to understand why there are two MAC in eeprom.

Actually my question is ,
Is Orin AGX will provide two MAC address? One for RGMII and other for 10G. Reference schematic has both ports, so asking this question.

No, there is no two mac address. The other interfaces will need to depend on device tree to get MAC address.

Thanks for update

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