In the case of sudden power loss, JETSON NX realizes soft shutdown

n the case of a sudden power loss, JETSON NX will lose data or start abnormally. Can a soft shutdown be achieved in case of sudden power loss? Is it relevant design information or documentation?

A sudden power loss design is suggested as you can see in OEM DG. That can guarantee power down safely.

NX OME DG related files are not found, can you send a link. Does the NX development kit support sudden power failure?

Please find docs in DLC:
Dev kti supports sudden power loss.

Using the NX module on the development kit, the power is suddenly loss many times, and the TF card data is lost or the NX module cannot be started. The result is also simulated on the development kit by directly disconnecting the DC19V . What could be the reason for this?

Are you testing on NX dev kit? What’s the application you ran with it? What’s the info of command line “tegrastats” when you run the app? It might be caused by heavy workload.

It has been tested on our own design carrier board and NX dev kit. NX is used on quadruped robots. Is there any way to solve it, in the state of heavy workload?

Have you verified it is caused by heavy workload? You should get the root cause and then have a solution. Also you can observe the behavior of VIN_PWR_BAD signal to see if it is cause by Dv/Dt part as said in OEM DG.