In which directory does Deepstream outputs the confidence metadata with confidence scores?

We are running DS4 on Xavier with our own model.
Upon detection, in which directory does DeepStream outputs the metadata, including the confidence scores of the model used?


Could you help to explain more details about the topic?

We built you own model, upon detection, where does it output the metadata of the objects detected (bounding box and confidence)? We need to push all confidence that is above 90% to a directory so we can output it to our own alerting system.

For confidence value you can refer
Regarding the directory of metatdata. you can read the code deepstream_app.c: write_kitti_output()
For example, they need update config file

Please refer to -> Source code diagram -> (6)
confidence can get in parseBoundingBox(). You can define your own m_CustomBBoxParserFunc. We have sample in ‚Äúsources/libs/nvdsinfer_customparser‚ÄĚ

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