In which library Nv12ToBgra32 function located

I’m trying to build my own project based on the sample projects, the problematic part is that i can not figure out where this function implementation is located. tried reverse engineering it but no success…
If someone can point me to which lib i should include it would be great.

Sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question…

Hi liron,

Please look up the … \Samples\Utils. The function is implemented thorough a Cuda Kernel( present in same location.

Ryan Park

Hi Ryan,

I’m a bit confused, still new to cuda sorry, I’m using the Nvidia sdk samples, not the ones in the cuda directory. As I understand the later are no longer supported and the idea is to use the sdk ones as they allow a more friendly wrapper.

So to make it clear, am I suppose to use the cuda examples or the Nvidia sdk ones.
In case of the later, what lib file do I need to use in my case, or in that case I also need to use the current file?

Thanks liron


  1. We are referring you to the samples/Cuda kernels in Video Codec SDK only. And do keep using the Video Codec SDK.

  2. As we mentioned please look up in … Samples\Utils folder inside the Video Codec SDK package. The function(Nv12ToBgra32) is implemented in The function is called from multiple samples inside the SDK. As a reference please look up …\Samples\AppDecode\AppDecD3D\AppDecD3D.cpp which calls the function “Nv12ToBgra32”, that illustrates as how to use the function.

  3. As a side note, some of the functionalities (like color space conversion, Resize etc.) are implemented using Cuda and those Cuda kernels are included inside the Video Codec SDK. The Cuda kernels are included as helper functionalities/utilities to help augment the decode/encode pipeline.

Let us know if you need more clarification.