in Win10x64 Enterprise Edition 1903. All graphics driver can't let GTX770 graphics card play GTA5 will not crash

I am a poor man in the third world. My graphics card GTX770 is installed in Win10x64 Enterprise Edition 1903. All of your graphics drivers can’t play GTA5 properly.My GTX770 graphics card can’t play GTA5 in Z390HGAMING + 9900K (Win10X641903 Enterprise Edition) for more than half an hour! Because the game will crash and quit! This must be your graphics card driver problem! Because it’s normal for me to play other games.

Z390HGAMING + 9900K (Win10X641903 Enterprise Edition) is owned by the owner!!! I only have Gigabyte graphics card GTX770 4G.
Help me! Let’s put in a driver that lets GTX770 play GTA5’s Win10x64 (1903).