Include Files

I’m using pvf64-shell-164 and trying to build an executable. It can’t find the include files. I placed them in the “Include Files” folder that you created for my project. Best I can tell from the Tools>Options>Projects and Solutions>PVF Directories listing the “Include Files” that you’ve created as part of my new project isn’t on your “Include and module files” list. I find that strange but I can hard wire it in.

Am I looking at the right possible solution to solve my problem of not finding the include files? I guess I could always just add them to my “Source Files” but I rather keep them separate.

“Include Files” must be more generic than I’m thinking.

With the source explorer, you can add source files, resource files, and include files. If you add an existing file to the project, it will record its location, but it does not move the source file to the project directory.

Similarly, you add include directories to the project properties -> General, and
these will be directories that will be searched for include files.

You should be able to see the included directories in the compile
command line that I created from the properties.