Include Openalpr DeepStream plug-in (Solved)

Hi all, I have some doubts about how to include this plug-in to the nvgstiva-app, I have been checking the deepstream documentation but I didn’t see any openalpr integration, any thoughts or notes?

Hi Rafael,
Our release has not included openALPR directly.
We have a sample code called dsexample plugin, you can integrating openALPR in this plugin.
We have a item for enabling dsexample in nvgstiva-app config file.

wayne zhu

Hi waynezhu,
I will take a look at the sample code, thanks for the help

Hello Wayne,

Would you please point out where to enable dsexample? I couldn’t find it. Is it in version 1.5?

Thanks a lot.

You need to compile the plugin located in the gst-dsexample_sources and add the following section to the config file:



It is in home\nvidia\gst-dsexample_sources after you install SDK.

wayne zhu

Thanks a lot, Rafael.

Thanks, Wayne.

So the order of the config file determines how the pipeline is connected.
My next question is if we want to “tee” multiple branches/streams, how should we do in the config file?

Hi Michael,

If you modify config like Rafael.quintero’s comment, ds-example plugin will be enabled in default pipeline just as you said “tee a branch”.

wayne zhu

Hi @waynezhu I am using deepstream 5.0 I couldn’t find sample app named as dsexample plugin. And i have no idea about the steps involved in using alpr plugin to recognise characters in Deeepstream