Including GPU power draw to GPU metrics


I’m using nsys profile --gpu-metrics-device=all to profile my application. I was wondering if there would be a way to include the power draw of the GPU to the set of GPU metrics recorded. Specifically, something like the output of NVML’s nvmlGetDevicePowerUsage.

I’m pretty sure this is not supported yet, but would there be a workaround to for example export .nsys-rep to .sqlite and insert separately measured power into the records? Synchronizing timelines would be one challenge I can think of.

Thanks in advance.

Or a general mechanism that allows users to ask nsys to record specific NVML metrics (as identified by the name of the NVML function) would be a very nice add.

There is not currently a way to change the GPU metrics recorded, to my knowledge. I will loop in @Andrey_Trachenko in case he has more info.

You can certainly output to sqlite and then do whatever you want with the results. You might be able to get the time sync to work.

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Thanks a lot for the answer.

If I export it to sqlite3 format and add events, is there any chance I’ll be able to view the timeline inside the NSight Systems GUI?

Not directly no.

However, you can express your information as NVTXT, that can be loaded into the GUI. See User Guide :: Nsight Systems Documentation (it is a direct link to the “import-nvtxt” info on the user guide…not sure why the link is like that.)

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