"incompatible PDB format in" error

I am trying to compile a code that successfully compiled on PGI 10.3 prior to updating my PGI install to 16.10 (64). I get a series of warnings:

legacy_stdio_definitions.lib(legacy_stdio_definitions.obj) : warning LNK4208: incompatible PDB format in ‘’; delete and rebuild; linking object as if no debug info"

and finally an error
LINK : fatal error LNK1207: incompatible PDB format in ‘’; delete and rebuild

I have uninstalled any old VC++ packages and I still get these warnings and errors.


Are you linking objects built with PGI 10.3 with current version?
Windows had object file format changes, and that won’t work.
If in PVF, rebuild everything from source if possible, and see if the
problem persists. If you are linking libs you did not build, how old are they?


The libraries are new compiled with 16.10, but maybe I missed a library. Let me recompile the libraries and try again.