Incomplete Online Documentation?

I’m working through the Multimedia API sample applications for interacting with a camera on the NX but can’t seem to find any documentation around OutputStream implementations used in the examples. I have found the headers on my system and they seem as well documented as any other part of the API but don’t appear in the online documentation.

Am I missing something?

The link is Jetson Linux API Reference: Argus::OutputStream Class Reference
But the content is not shown correctly. It is known and we are checking it.

For demonstration of OutputStream and NvBuffer, please check samples in


Yes, I’ve found that link but the two examples you linked to cast the Argus::OutputStream to other interfaces, for example the JPEG capture one casts to an Argus::IEGLOutputStream which doesn’t show up in the docs.

Thanks for pointing it out. We will check and improve documentation. Most use-cases are demonstrated in the samples. Please check the samples for your development. There are other samples in

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