Inconsistency in Parker SoC TRM

Hello everyone,
I was reading the Parker_TRM_DP07821001p and noticed an inconsistency between the “Pixel memory format for VI channel” in the following sections:

  • 27.10.10 Register Programming

  • 27.24.26 VI_CH_PIXFMT_FORMAT_0

    I don’t know which one is the correct one, but the one in section 27.10.10 is identical to the one used by the TX1 at least.

    Should the one in 27.24.26 be correct, you’ll also have to fix this in vi4_formats.h in the kernel sources.

Best Regards,
Juan Pablo.

I think both of 27.10.10 and 27.24.26 talking about the same register.

Just checked again. The 27.24.26 is correct for TX2

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