Inconsistent behaviour on dragging usd files into project


I have a lot of strange behaviour trying to import files into my project. Let me explain:

I have a 3D model of a file I created in Fusion 360 for a client and I’d like to texture and render in Create, it’s in USD format so normally it should be easy to work with. I have saved the project in my localhost to be sure all data goes there in the same place. I’ve also collected the data of this model in my localhost so all ok here.

  1. What I don’t understand is that when I drag the file in my stage tab it isn’t visible in the scene, I only get some link icon but no model, but when I drag it in the layers tab then I can see it in my scene. Not sure this is ok but at least I can see my model.

  2. But if the files aren’t on my localhost then when I drag it into the stage or layers I see an icon but not model in my scene, I’m sure I have managed it to work with other models but I really don’t get a clue on why sometimes files can be dragged in the stage or layers tab and in other cases don’t and why it works using layers and not stage when files are collected in localhost.

  3. Now if I double click on the usd model on my desktop before collecting it, it opens by magic in a new project and it appears in both stage and layers tabs

I’d really like to start working with Create but I must admit that this all makes it very confusing for me. I’m sure I need to get used to it more, but I have to admit it’s more complex then what I used to do before in Cinema 4D, Keyshot etc.


I have to add, that on the other hand using fbx files it works perfectly, I can drag the file directly into the scene or into layers or stage tab, even if the project isn’t saved or files are outside localhost so I wonder if there’s a bug somewhere using usd files

Win 10 64bits, RTX3080Ti, GPU Driver 516.59

Create 2022.1.3

Hi, can you make sure in the usd you’re trying to drag in has a default prim set to the “World” xform. If this is not set, when dragging in your usd you will see nothing. I think this may be the issue.

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Hello Mich, that’s exactly what I have here but I only have this icon, no model to see no plus sign, just the small icon


Hi, can you check to see if this USD you’re merging in has a default prim set in the USD itself. The one you’re dragging in. Open that rather then dragging it in and make sure it has one set. Then once set, try to drag it into a new scene. My guess is when you open the USD itself you will see something like “Root” rather than “World(defaultPrim)”

Thanks Michael, it is set by default to lux_root and indeed when I set it to defaultPrim it imports correctly, thanks for the tip but not sure if I understand why.

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