Inconsistent references to rdma-core module config files

This topic may not belong here, this was my best guess after not finding related topics elsewhere.

This is low priority and non-critical, more of a packaging detail / oddball annoyance than anything else.

The NVidia MLNX-OFED stack provides a replacement rdma-core package whose metadata says it provides /etc/rdma/modules/{infiniband,iwarp,opa,roce}.conf but the package does not do so as of rdma-core-2304mlnx44-1.2304053.x86_64. Other packages in the mlnx-ofed stack have postinstall scriptlet actions that also assume presence of these files, such as kmod-knem which include a depmod install from the in-flight install’s working copy in $(mktemp -d) back into /etc/rdma/modules/. for each of these 4 files.

Normally this isn’t a big deal because the expectation is that users install the MLNX-OFED stack by downloading the bundle and running the included installer, which in turn means the target system can (and arguably should) already have rdma-core from the Base OS bundle, and therefore already have these 4 files, and the scriptlet errors (ie, dracut installing a non-existent $(mktemp -d)/infiniband.conf to /etc/rdma/infiniband.conf) don’t occur.

Likewise it’s not much of an issue if installing a system image in a chroot build environment in which it isn’t appropriate, or allowed, or supported, or whatever, to insert execution of an arbitrary utility extracted from an arbitrary archive. If that’s the case then it’s also reasonable to expect the build environment to support provisioning of arbitrary configuration, which can include static copies of those 4 otherwise missing files – missing because, in this case, package dependency resolution will cause installation of the mlnx-ofed rdma-core without ever first installing the Base OS bundle’s rdma-core.

So it’s not exactly a “Problem”, but … why have these 4 files included in the meta and in the downstream actions triggered by other [mostly kmod–>depmod–>install()] mlnx-ofed packages, but not have the placeholders in the mlnx-ofed version of rdma-core? Shouldn’t the mlnx-ofed rdma-core include these placeholder files, if for no other reason than that the mlnx-ofed rdma-core replaces the base os bundle rdma-core, and that in turn does include them? And if the answer to that is no, then shouldn’t the other packages in the mlnx-ofed stack that expect them be there get updated to not do so, so that their depmod calls stop throwing errors on postinstall scriptlet execution? (Ok, yes, “ignorable errors”, but still…)