Incorrect email or password

I read this topic from a year ago
and I have the exact same thing. Reset my password 3x, unblocked 3x. Tried to connect from 3 different IPs. Nothing works. How is this still so bad when it was known a year ago?


I have our engineers looking into your account. I will update here when i have info.
Thanks for your patience.


I am also having login issues.

I am only logged in because I chose create new account and it then knew who I am and logged me in.

I can live without the forums. I need SDK manager.
I am moving from a dev kit to a new module on a small carrier board as a sales prototype. I need to configure it but I can’t get into sdkmanager.

On linux box I cleared cookies and browser history. I was able to make a new account but still couldn’t get into sdkmanager.

I need help soon.

Teitel, you can temporarily get past it by switching ips. Try your phone network. You just need to get past the login screen, after that you can switch back

the phone network didn’t work. I hope I don’t have to go to Starbucks.
or NVIDIA headquarters is 2 miles away. their lobby network might work…

or where can i download the R3.2.1 image from so I can work offline.

@CC.L . You should be good to go now.

@Teitel, We are looking into your account. Please stand by.


Thanks for the quick help @TomK@Nvidia