Incorrect On-Demand Video for RTXDI

These two pages have the same video:

Getting started with RTXDI and NvRTX in Unreal Engine 5 | NVIDIA On-Demand (Part 1)
Getting Started with RTXDI and NvRTX in Unreal Engine 5 (Part 2) | NVIDIA On-Demand (Should be Part 2)

I, like I’m sure many others, have been looking forward to this series, and it’s been months… And now that Part 2 “launched”, it’s a bit disappointing to see that it’s just a repost of Part 1.

There is also a big disconnect with what tech is what, what is relevant, and what has parity with current and stable versions of Unreal Engine. We had RTXDI and NvRTX in UE teased a bit, then it seems to have been abruptly torn away. The content in Part 1 (and, ha, part 2) of this series references this tech running in Unreal Engine 5.1

Can someone who handles data and content, perhaps do a more accurate pass or several, to organize and update all the content and resources related to these topics? It seems like whomever handles this corner of the Nvidia developer site has let the dust and spiders build up, and it could really use some housekeeping.

I greatly appreciate the amazing work everyone is doing, but would love to see a little more consistency and accuracy.

Hi there @Derjyn! Welcome back to the NVIDIA developer forums!

First of all thank you very much for bringing this mishap to our attention, I will make sure that our content people take a look and fix the links.

As you know we have a lot of tools, features, SDKs, plugins etc. and with those go a lot of tutorials, webcasts and other learning tools. I can relate, with so many different portals where you can find that learning material, it is difficult to see the whole context or how things are connected.

We are aware and there are people working on an improved experience. But it is a bit like chasing a running target. Technology, especially at NVIDIA, develops so fast that it a tutorial from last month might be outdated tomorrow. Add to that the constant feature updates with other products like for example UE and it gets only more challenging.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback! Keep it coming!

I nearly forgot!

Are you aware of our Webinar series Richard (the person talking in the video you linked) did over the last few months?

Just to pile up some more great learning content!

Hi @Derjyn, the links have been fixed.

Before both pointed to the newer (Part 2) session from Richard, now the first correctly embeds the first Webcast from November 2022.