Incorrect output level on GPIO-264 Xavier NX P3668

The output logic of GPIO-264 (when programmed as an output pin) is not matching the programmed logic.

On using the file, “/sys/class/gpio/gpio264/value” to control the output of GPIO-264, the actual output at the pin is not matching the programmed value. When the content of the above file is made, “1” i-e it is programmed to logic HIGH, the multimeter reads 0 Volt where as when the file content is made “0” ,the multimeter reads 5 Volt.

This issue happens only with some specific Xavier NX modules.

Could someone please help on whether this issue is because of some fault in the module itself ? As it is a very basic operation to control the logic level of a GPIO and I’m directly using the file to control logic level instead of using a custom software

hello msd11,

could you please compare the difference, are they DevKits? or you’re having customize carrier board?
BTW, may I know which GPIO you’re going to controlled? is it GPIO03/ GPIO3_PCC.00?

Hi JerryChang,

I have checked the modules in both senarios, devkit & custom carrier board.

Yes it is GPIO03

hello msd11,

please see-also Pinmux Changes session, if your custom board schematic differs from that for Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit board, you must change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.
may I also know which JetPack release you’re working with, thanks

Hi Jerry,

Custom board schematic is not different.

Also, as I said that most of the other Xavier modules operate correctly under the exact same environment, I fear there is some sort of hardware glitch in Xavier itself.


NX pin GPIO03 route direct from SOC to BTB on module, nothing special.
It’s voltage level is 1.8V.
There must have additional circuit on carrier if multimeter read 5 Volt. Please check customer how carrier turn 1.8V level to 5V and if have polarity-reversing.

Hi JimWang,

As I mentioned earlier also, modules are giving problem with GPIO03 when placed on the devkit too. It has nothing to do with the carrier board.

@JimWang sorry, I wrote it as 5V by mistake. I wrongly wrote, “High logic” as 5V in my post. Multimeter reads 1.8V only (not 5V as mentioned in the question)

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Hi, please help clarify the info. Is it pin126? Only one Xavier NX module has such issue? If so, please share the S/N of it and also S/N of other normal modules you have tested, thanks.

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