Incorrect username or password error when flash Clara AGX

Got the following error when a window “SDK Manager is about to flash your Clara AGX developer kit module” popped up:
Error: Incorrect username or password. Please try again.

Please help

Hi @zhuberger,

Please see this topic: SDK Manager Information

Let us know if you still have issues.

Tom K

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your response. I was stuck at this step. The only difference is that I choose default Jetpack 5.0 in step 1. Should I change it back to Jetpack 4.5.1? Thanks.

Sorry, I don’t have experience with the Clara Dev kit. Will need to get a Clara person to chime in here. Let me find someone for you.

I did the following just now:

  1. uninstall JetPack 5.0;
  2. choose JetPack 4.5.1 in step 1
  3. follow the guide on SDK Manager. When the flash window pop up again, i tried both automatic setup and manual setup (in recovery mode and resetting mode), still have the same error message.

Hi @zhuberger,

It looks like the engineer that supports Clara Holoscan is OOO until next week. I will make sure they jump in to assist ASAP.

Thank you very much, Tom! Have a good weekend

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Same to you!

The error “Incorrect username or password” could occur if the unit had pre-existing account setup that you’re not aware of. If it’s a new unit, the combination should be ubuntu/ubuntu.
But that same error shouldn’t appear when you use Manual Setup in the recovery mode / reset mode. If you recall, what is the error you encounter in Manual Setup?

By the way have you been able to find our Clara Holoscan developer page? And more specifically, for getting started, please see the Clara AGX Dev Kit User Guide and Installing the Clara Holoscan SDK with SDK Manager.

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Thank you for the clarification. With manual setup, it said can not find matching device in recovery mode.

For username and password, there are two accounts on Clara AGX ubuntu system. How can I recover the default username and password?

Also, the two pre-existing accounts are still there even if I set it to recovery mode and resetting mode.

I believe once a unit has been flashed in your case, we cannot recover the default username and password ubuntu/ubuntu. In recovery mode/reset mode, we don’t need to enter any username/password. The error “Can not find matching device in recovery mode.” might indicate to you that you need to put the device into recovery/reset again. Because if we put the unit in rec/reset mode, then try to do flashing and fail, the unit is sometimes no longer in rec/reset mode anymore


I have completed the installation successfully just now. Thank you very much for your guide. What I did differently this time:

  1. choose Clara Holoscan package in step 1

  2. When the flash window popped up, I reset Clara AGX by pressing the two tiny buttons 16 and 17 together.

Once it is reset properly, Clara AGX ubuntu is not running. I only see some green light through the back of the box. Meanwhile, the SDK manager on the host pops up another window, showing a device is detected, please pick one. I picked Clara AGX, then just followed the guide to finish up the installation. Ubuntu has been reinstalled on Clara AGX, so please backup your data if there is any.

I tried to reset with button 16 and 17 last week, but it didn’t work. I guess I didn’t press them at the same time properly.

Great to hear you’ve got it working!

Hi, another quick question: Is CSI HDMI input board already in this silver box? For a CSI camera, I just connect it to the HDMI port on Clara AGX, is that correct?

Here is one note I found in the doc “The CSI camera module, including the CSI HDMI input board included with the Clara AGX Developer Kit, will enumerate as /dev/video0 and any additional USB cameras will start to enumerate with /dev/video1. If there is no CSI module attached, USB cameras will start to enumerate with /dev/video0.”

Hi Zhu, sorry for the confusion from the documentation. We can connect a HDMI camera to the HDMI(2CSI) port (port 11), but currently do not support CSI camera input.

got it. That’s very helpful. thank you!