Incorrect username or password error when trying to flash sdk components

Hi, I’m having trouble flashing my jetson nano dev board with the SDK Components using the SDK Manager.

I first flashed the SD card with an image using my PC and was able to get through the training using the default username/password of dlinano/dlinano

I then tried using the SDK Manager to flash everything. OS and SDK components. The Flash of the OS was successful using the original dlinano/dlinano for credentials – but then failed to flash the SDK components with a “Incorrect username or password” error

Does flashing the OS image reset the username/password? And if so, is it something other than “dlinano”?


No, it has you set the username and password at the Jetson Nano after the OS Flash.

When I use the SDK manager I always have an HDMI Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse connected to the Jetson Nano.

Thanks so much… All setup now