Increase maximum allowed upload size for Jive?


I’m trying to upload a file useful to some of the IB Hobbyists - its 80MB.

It’s the original ISO that comes with the Voltaire ISR 9024D-M. People who’ve obtained a 9024D-M from eBay would be interested in this.

Jive here won’t let me upload it atm - “file is too large”. Is that a way to increase the maximum upload size (even temporarily)?

On a side note, the upstream CentOS Community now have a Voltaire ISR 9024D-M in their London DC, connecting their dev and build systems together.

(bought off Ebay)


We have opened a support request to increase the upload file size in Jive. I will let you know when this is completed.


justinclift Can you re-attempt to upload your file? It should be working now. Let me know.

Thanks, it worked this time.