Increase MTU size on l4tbr0 connection?

I tried increasing the MTU size on the l4tbr0 connection, but I am receiving an “invalid argument” error. I searched through the found in the /opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode directory, but there is no setting for the MTU size.

Is there another way of increasing the MTU size on the l4tbr0 (aka “Ethernet over USB”) connection?


l4tbr0 is not a ethernet device based on nvidia eqos driver but based on rndis driver. I am not sure if rndis provides any way for userspace client to control the mtu size.

Could you refer to rndis driver and check how to deliver mtu size to driver?

By RNDIS driver, are you referring to the Remote Network Driver Interface Specification by Microsoft?
Can you confirm this?

Yes, this driver is also inside linux kernel and it should register a callback for our ethernet controller.