Increased in executable file size when generating debug info in PhysX 3.3.x ( Android )

After upgrading to the 3.3.x Android build, I’ve noticed that the size of by generated executable size have increase almost 10 fold when generating debug info with the -g option. Previously when using 3.2.2 this was not the case. Also, this is with using the same linking and compiling option between the 2 version being compared. What could have possible changed in the SDK that would cause this increase in size for debug builds ?

why do u care about debug-build-size?!
in my opinion only release-size does matter.


…really, do you debug your application? It matters because making changes and having to upload a 100MB+ APK to the device after each change is time consuming and counter-productive. My comment/question wasn’t really a concern over the size itself, but I didn’t make that clear in my initial post…my apologies. The release binary is ~8 MB and the debug is over ~101MB…which was not the case when using SDK 3.2.