Increasing SPI buff size

I need to increase the buff size of my Xavier NX.
I tried 3 methods and all of them fail because when checking if the number of bytes has changed; it remains 4096 bytes.
first method:

$ sudo su
# cd /sys/module/spidev/parameters
# chmod 666 bufsiz
# echo 65534 > bufsiz

Second method:

$ sudo rmmod spidev
$ sudo modprobe spidev bufsize=20480

Third method:

$ sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/spidev.conf
options spidev bufsiz=20480

when rebooting for the third method nothing changes.
also, by checking each time the parameters for the first 2 methods using :

$ cat /sys/module/spidev/parameters/bufsiz

it remains 4096 bytes.

Any suggestions?
Thank You

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