increasing the capacitance of ATX motherboards and others.

Recently I have been studying capacitors where it relates to ATX motherboard design, graphics processing & SQL servers. I calculated that the intel i9 processor has a tolerance for more EMF than is running through the series of i9 series motherboards which are available at the moment. Increasing the number of capacitors on the boards to 10,0000 microfarads from approximately 3,000 would not draw more EMF from the power supply. this would increase the number of gigaflops on the chip, allowing for faster processing and potential for more cores to be added to a hypothetical chipset, no?

I discussed this on an amateur electronic forum but got an uneducated response;

I believe it possible on many PCB’s with a tolerance for 5 - 240 volts. I can also suggest it work using quantum physics;

Some thoughts & feedback please…