Indie/hobbyist development allowed?

I was looking at the Shield and thought it might be an interesting platform to develop on. When I was signing up to download the developer tools, I ran into a road block. It requires me to enter a company name and project. I’m a hobbyist and haven’t thought of a project as of yet.

Am I correct in believing that nVidia’s developer tools are only allowed for business and studio developers? I have tried to find some information on the site in this regard, but came up short.

This may be the wrong forum, but since there isn’t a “General Development Tools” forum…

Does anyone know?

As my experience goes so far the shield is an open platform (as open it can get in my opinion! happy dance)

The information nvidia gather during the sign up will most likely be used to target their customers/developers and provide special attention (marketing, product or application support) to big companies.

I just signed up with the company name ‘none’ and the reasons/project was to ‘try out android development for shield and tegra devices’. I got access the next day.