Indirect Diffuse GI intensity return to default when capture sequence

I recorded the process: 2022-07-03 10-01-03.mkv (2.8 MB)

Hello user79641
I cannot reproduce this using the same version. Did the value actually reset, for example if you click in another window and come back to it, is it back to 1.0?

The value in the UI doesn’t reset. It’s the look of the render.

Hello @user79641! Our team is having trouble reproducing this issue. Could you provide us with more details so that we can try to replicate your system setup?

What is your system environment? Operating System, GPU / GPU Driver?
What Applications and Version numbers are you using?

Can you give us the step-by-step process you use in order to get this issue to occur?
Screenshots or a video will help here!


I think you can see it clearly in the video.

When I increased the intensity, it looked very bright on the kids face. But when I clicked render sequence, it returned to “normal”. I think it might take a lot of warm up frames for the effect to take place.

I rendered it on home machine:

  • Windows 10.
  • GPU 2060.
  • Driver 512.15.
  • Create 2022.1.3.