Indirect rendering and SyncToVBlank

When I run glxgears on my remote server (ssh -X or throught XDMCP) with enabled SyncToVBlank - I get freezy image - gears not runnig and my WindowsManager (xfce4) freezing too.

When I disable SyncToVBlank - I get low freezies but it not enought for comfortable work and Xorg using 100% of CPU (core) - it seems like Xorg can’t prepare big amount remote frames to rendering on GPU.

Looks like SyncToVBlank doesn’t work with indirect rendering?


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. You posted in the Networking (Mellanox) category. I think this topic belongs in another section. Is this issue related to Omniverse or gaming? Please let me know, and I will move this to the correct forum.

Move it to the gaming and visualization section please. Thanks.

среда, 01 марта 2023г., 21:19 +05:00 от TomNVIDIA via NVIDIA Developer Forums

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