Industrial Orin not booting at -40-degree celsius


We are using Industrial Orin on our custom carrier board. While running thermal test, we could observe that the board fails to boot at -40 deg. It is observed to be booting around -20 deg. Please do let us know how to fix this.

• Hardware Platform (Jetson AGX Orin Industrial)
• JetPack Version 5.1.2

Issue has been fixed on jp5.1.3.


We started upgrading to the latest version jp6.0.
But here we see that the file structure of source is different from the old versions.

In previous version we were using “make tegra_defconfig” to build the kernel.
But in the latest version jp6.0 we could not see that file.
All we have is.
defconfig, defconfig_debug.config, tegra_prod_defconfig, tegra_recovery_chain_defconfig

Can we know which file to be used to build the kernel instead of tegra_defconfig.

please file new topic if issue is not related to original issue.

Hi Wayne,

Does the upcoming production release jp6.0 also has this fix?

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