INetwork et al

I want to run the network many times but each time to indicate a different layer as the output, such that if I have 100 layers, I want to run it 100 times and each time a different layer is marked as the output.
As far as I saw this can ONLY be done on the INetworkDefinition object, however if I deserialize the full network (the full 100 layers) I don’t have the INetworkDefinition object to do so… and therefore I need to build the network 100 times? which takes huge amounts of time…

Is there any easier way to do this?



Would you mind to share more information about your use case with us?

For example, if a model with layer A->B->C->D->E->F.
Which use case are you targeting to?

  1. A->B->C
  2. A->B->C->D
  3. A->B->C->D->E
  4. A->B->C->D->E->F


  1. A->B->C
  2. C->D
  3. D->E
  4. E->F

For both use case, you can binding all the possible layer(ex. C, D, E, F) as output.
And only access the layer you needed when runtime.


I need the first scenario. I’ll try the solution you suggested of binding all possible layers as outputs.