Inference error in GlowTTS onnx

  • Hey, Hope you are doing great!
    I have some query, can pls help me in that. I am working on GlowTTS for its onnx conversion.
    Conversion is done but getting errors while inference. Link

I have seen that Nvidia RIVA too supported GlowTTS sometime back but now its depreciated. Will you please share your thoughts in this.


Nvidia RIVA does not support GlowTTS. Riva did support Waveglow as a vocoder but support is deprecated now. Any particular reason for the preference for GlowTTS?
Have you tried Fastpitch + HiFiGAN supported by Riva?

For NeMo inference, you can file an issue here: Discussions · NVIDIA/NeMo · GitHub

@avenkatesan Thanks for responding.
NO, I havn’t tried Fastpitch model yet.
Initially, we trained model on GlowTTS and is working fine.
I want to optimize it into ONNX, mentioned link has all the logs.
Can you pls help to resolve this issue.

Could you file an issue here: Discussions · NVIDIA/NeMo · GitHub