Infernal PhysX_6.10.05_SystemSoftware.exe them claim its v252

i can tload this game them claim its v252 did try steam version and cd download

mr mo har Infernal 4. okt @ 12:04am
hello game wont load
after installing all phsyx backing up all folders for all phsyx and copiying over all phyxs. after saving game just white or greyu with 100 on both sides of screen
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mr mo har Infernal 4. okt @ 12:07am
whatever maybe fx physx setup instead delete game from store
#1 steam thread here
cromignon har Infernal 8. nov @ 7:16pm
There’s a few games with this same problem. What you’ll need to do is find the files that are included in v2.5.2 of PhysX, and copy that folder into whereever the latest version of PhysX is installed (You’ll know it because it will be a list of folders with all the version numbers in it, and 2.5.2 will be missing because newer PhysX installs don’t include it for some reason).

mr mo har Infernal 29 minutter siden
i downloaded infernal cd did nothing second attempt i install AGEIA Technologies PhysX_6.10.05_SystemSoftware.exe go to folder pick 2.5.2 copy over C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Engine\v2.5.2 nope did not do it second time. i dont like it one time i got it running i installed all os and did export the hvives and reimport and instaled so many inf .pnf in a activex inf installed unsigned ones and used alot drivers windows did destroy itself via windows updates after patchguard i had infared in right click and windows 95 service pack installed in windows 8