InfiniBand amber port led flashing

We recently replaced IB switches (both of int-a,b) to newer model, SX6790 36 port IB switch.

After replacing, we noticed that some port LEDs showing abnormal/non-defined behavior;

i.e. Port#8 LED of int-b switch was flashing amber continuously (port#8 was connected to Node8/int-b).

We replaced the IB-cable and then port8 LED became normal(solid green).

Please tell us the meaning of amber LED flashing, it’s possible impact and implication, and fix/workaround.

Hi Ken,

Port LED Flashing Amber means one or more ports have received symbol errors.

Possible causes are:

• Bad cable

• Bad connection

• Bad connector

Check symbol error counters on the system UI to identify the ports. Replace the cable on these ports.

As you have already replaced the cable on this port. There are no more symbol errors received and you see the LED becoming solid green.